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Safe. Potent. Effective.

Going the Distance starts before your workout.

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Amino3 Pre Workout Supplement Ingredients

Safe. Potent. Effective.

The active ingredients in the patent-pending amino3 synergyst compound™ formula of have been evaluated for their potency and their effectiveness, which is why our product is the best neuromuscular synergyst on the market today.

As far as performance-intensifying products  go, they aren't all are the same, which is why Apollo Nutracuetical guarantees that amino3 contains the right quantity of each active ingredient so you're able to lift more, run faster and focus at your best. The bottom line is, if you use amino 3 you are going to get gains, because we extend every effort to make sure you get what you're paying for.

We do not like wasting time or money, therefore we do not use filler materials. Amino3is made from the highest-quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, with the most up to date manufacturing technology. Amino3 is produced in a state of the art (current Good Manufacturing Practice) cGMP facility. This ensures the most stringent enforcement of Quality Analysis and Quality Control systems before, during and after the manufacturing process, with 3rd party testing to maintain safety and effectiveness, of the compounds you need to maximize your physical and mental abilities.

Scientifically-proven to work!

Intensive clinical research and 2 years of testing combine to make amino3  the most scientifically effective neuromuscular synergysts in existence. The active ingredients in the amino3 syndergyst compound have been rigorously tested in over 100 different studies that prove their effectiveness. Some of the results from numerous studies are listed below:
  • A 10-week study of a key amino3 ingredient showed a significant increase in measures of strength and power -- and an increase body mass (without a change in per cent body fat) against the placebo.
  • A study of 24 Olympic level soccer players over 4 months showed that the amino3 ingredient significantly increased VO2 max over the competitor.
  • A random, double-blind crossover design study on runners showed that an amino3 ingredient resulted in quicker running times (5km) over a placebo.
  • In a double-blind and randomly assigned trial on elite, multidisciplinary athletes an amino3 ingredient decreased running times by an average of 10.7 seconds over the placebo.
  • Just one component of amino3 improved cognitive function, including vigilance, learning, memory, hand-eye coordination and mood state in 75 highly fit and motivated military males.
  • In a randomly assigned, placebo controlled study on humans under extreme, physical and mental exhaustion just one crucial component of amino3 improved cognitive function, including vigilance, learning, memory, hand-eye motor skills, coordination and mood state.
  • 42 Independent studies were carried out on an Amino3 ingredient to determine its effect on increasing endurance performance in exercise. There was a 12.3% improvement in the amino3 ingredient over the placebo.
  • In a double-blind study using a key Amino3 ingredient testing sprint performance, peak power output increased by 11.4% while mean power output increased by 5 %
  • In a randomized, double-blind, two period crossover study it was concluded that an ingredient utilized in the amino3 synergist compound increased oxidative ATP production by 34%.
  • This same study showed a 20% precent increase in phosphocreatine recovery after exercise. This was combined with an overall increase of 18% of repetitions in the fourth set and a 53% increase in the last set. Furthermore, respondents noticed a 40% reduction of post-exercise muscle soreness over a 2-day period.
  • In a study that used supplementation of an amino3 compound, peak power and average power increased from 2.6-15%, while Lactate blood levels were lowered by 15.4% 5 minutes after exercise and by 16.2% 15-minutes after exercise.
  • A number of crucial amino3 ingredients significantly improved aerobic endurance (maintaining 65–75% max. heart rate) and anaerobic performance (maintaining max. speed) on cycle ergometers. Significant improvements in mental performance included choice reaction time, concentration (number cancellation) and memory (immediate recall), which reflected increased subjective alertness. These consistent and wide ranging improvements in performance are interpreted as reflecting the effects of the combination of ingredients.

Amino3 undergoes rigorous independent 3rd party testing during the manufacturing process as well as a review by NSF, which is one of the most widely-respected and recognized global third-party certification providers with more than 60 years of international testing and verification of Nutritional products.

Our manufacturing facility is QAI Certified Organic, the highest level of organic certification. It is also a member of the Natural Products Association.

Independent, 3rd party testing is used to verify ingredient and product integrity, purity, and potency.

Amino3 abides by World Anti-Doping Standards. It is safe for use by professional athletes as per 2011 WADA banned substance list, ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority) and USADA ( United States Anti-Drug Agency) Standards. The main active compounds of amino3 rank within category A and B of the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) Supplement classification program. The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) is internationally acknowledged as a world's best practice model for high performance athlete development.